silicone sealant-curtain wall solution

Silicone sealant is the key product of KINGDELI's multiple product series. Under the guidance of the market, Kingdeli constantly strives for innovation, making silicone sealant with reliable quality, stable performance, good design, and great practicality. We providing the silicone sealant solution for house, home, curtain wall and insulating glass, etc. You will see the silicone sealant applied for curtain wall building. Our curtain wall silicone sealant including aquarium silicone sealant, curtain wall neutral silicone sealant, structural silicone sealant. Aquarium silicone sealant is solvent-free silicone sealant always used in adhesion, sealing and repair work in aquariums; Besides, curtain wall neutral silicone sealant ideal for sealing horizontal cracks, gaps and holes in all kinds of wall curtain building materials;  Kingdeli structural silicone sealant has good compatibility with neutral series silicone sealant, mostly use for sealing joint for glass/marble/aluminum curtain wall project glazing,etc. ODM/OEM services are welcomed, customized color is available.

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