silicone sealant - insulating glass solution

China leading silicone sealant manufacturers Kingdeli manufacturing kinds of silicone sealant for sale. Find silicone sealant - insulating glass solution here, HY-6300 and HY-5300 are our main silicone sealant products for insulating glass solution. HY-6300 is a two-component, structural silicone sealant. It is specially designed for structural glazing in the curtain wall. Due to the excellent aging resistance and bond fores and elastic, commonly used in glass curtain wall, specifically for plant glass and metal structural glazing; HY-5300 is two-component insulating glass silicone sealant with high bonding strength suits for commercial and residential insulating glass unit; To be noticed that insulating glass silicone sealant  will release a small number of organic molecules when they curing, pay attention to ensure good ventilation. Taking protective measures as necessary when using these insulating glass silicone sealant.

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