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To the most lovely and respectable Kingdelier


The heat of the summer brings challenges to the front-line operators. Every summer, when the workers are the most tormented, in the face of the heat of the heat, and the busy production tasks, they are sweating, but they overcome the heat, make unremitting efforts, and practice teamwork. , work together to ensure production.


Walking into the workshop, the workers were as busy as bees, and their figure became a beautiful landscape on all production lines.


Everyone is dedicated to ensuring that every qualified and good quality product is produced. From a small workshop to a whole company, each team understands how powerful the cooperation is. Only by cooperating and fighting, can we continue to produce quality products consistently and efficiently. Everyone has a firm belief, not afraid of hardships and unremitting efforts, just to make good products! Serve the community.


 They are powerful guarantors of product quality and an important force driving the company's development. They play the light and the heat in their respective positions, and they contribute to the development of the company in obscurity.

They are deeply admired for their dedication to work, their fear of hardship, and the spirit of hard work and dedication. They are excellent members of the company. They are an important force in the development of the company. They have a common name - a dedicated KINGDELI. It is the support, understanding and hard work of all employees that the development of the company will get better and better. Thanks, the employees who always insist on the production in the first line, everyone has worked hard, you are good!

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