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The common sense of silicone adhesive


1. About shrink after curing

Some of the silicone adhesive is too dilute, less filler but more plasticizer (mineral oil). In the process of curing, plasticizer (mineral oil) has a certain degree of volatility makes the plastic smaller size, which plastic will shrink; if the size of silicone adhesive is too thin, it’s will easy to shrink after curing. KINGDELI silicone adhesive have a moderate amount of filler, plasticizer-free, and therefore there will not shrink.

2. There is "pops" bubble sound when applying silicone adhesive

Due to technology, some small factories, however, plastic bottles mixed with air during the process of packing. Even a immoral manufacturers deliberately do not squeeze the plusher, leaving the bottle gives the impression of filling a sufficient amount of silicone adhesive. the other is not a 100% silicone rubber, which increase the amount of filler, and filler with a slight chemical reaction with plastic bottles, so that the plastic bottle there is a phenomenon of swell and increase the space to retain the air infiltration mortar to produce voids, When applying the silicone adhesive, it’s will play a "pop", "pop" bubble sound.

3. About silicone adhesive oil leakage

A. The reason of the glue. Some acetic silicone adhesive, on the market now, to some degrees, by adding a certain amount of filler plasticizer oil to reduce costs, and the lower the level of glue, the more the amount of filler, and the filler will has a slight chemical reaction the plastic bottle  so that plastic bottles grow taller.

B. The reason of plastic bottle. The quality of plastic cartridge will also impact on the quality of silicone adhesive. High-grade plastic can be stored for 7-8 months there is no response; the other hand, the use of poor quality plastic bottles, even if installed better glue May also be deformed in 2-3 months.

4. The reason of the silicone adhesive turns yellow and white

Yellowing: In more cases, the yellowing of the strip is caused by the other materials that come into contact with the glass. The most common cause is the rubbing of the strip on some black rubber strips (sealed between the glass and the aluminum ), Due to the poor quality of some strips, contact with the silicone adhesive to make it yellow, even imported silicone adhesive is no exception. Under normal circumstances, rubber strips make the silicone adhesive discoloration, the analysis may be the reason for the material used in the rubber strip, in particular the filler and acid gel reaction to make the transparent silicone adhesive discoloration; does not rule out the rubber strip added precipitation or volatile substances, Strip.

 Turn White: silicone adhesive turning white is mainly filled with too much filler; if occasionally turning white, often appear in the adhesive layer to play too thin on some projects, it is recommended to increase the appropriate sizing silicone adhesive Thickness (1.5-3mm) to avoid similar situations.

5. Why apply silicone adhesive on the back of the mirror, after a period of time, specks or plastic spots appear on the mirror?

There are usually three different backside coatings on the market: mercury, sterling silver and copper. Common mirror sizing speckle mirror after a period of time, this situation should be the user using the acid glass glue, and acid glass glue usually react with the above material, resulting in speckle mirror. Therefore, we emphasize that neutral gel should be used, while neutral silicone adhesive is divided into alcohol type and ketoxime type two. If the end of the mirror copper oxime neutral gel, the ketoxime will slightly corrode the copper material, after construction for some time to see the back of the mirror has a corroded traces of sizing, if the use of alcohol-based neutral silicone glue It will not appear this phenomenon. These are due to the diversity of substrates caused by improper selection. Therefore, users are advised to use plastic before, it is best to do a compatibility test to see if the glue is compatible with the material. Use the right silicone glue products to avoid unnecessary losses.


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