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Nineteen years, only insist on producing quality adhesive



Kingdeli Adhesive since its establishment, has been committed to providing society with high-quality adhesive products. In these 19 years, the company constantly innovate and gradually improve the scale. Today can be proud to say that  Kingdeli Adhesive is a good glue, easy to use, and worry more at ease.


Ensure the quality of professional adhesive

Kingdeli Adhesive has a one-stop production capacity from bottle making, printing, adhesive making and automatic dispensing, and owns the national advanced automatic silicone sealant production line, which not only improves the production efficiency but also ensures the stability and consistency of the product. Each product from the procurement of raw materials, products, warehouses will be strictly through the technical staff to ensure that the product quality will be passed the market flow of the market. Not only that, Kingdeli Adhesive has been working with domestic scientific research units over the years, continue to learn advanced professional technology and innovation and make full use of production.


intentions to stand the market with good faith service

The company's sales outlets throughout the country and throughout Southeast Asia and the Middle East, in addition to years of professional focus for the Kingdeli Adhesive get a better market share, but also because we have always insisted on integrity management, always believe that good products is the idea of the survival of the enterprise. So a lot of key projects all over the country use the products they produce.


Do not forget the beginning of the heart temper

It is precisely because the company's products are rich and varied to meet the different needs of use; followed by the stability of the product, reliability and good service. The most important is a good corporate image, brand reputation and adhere to the concept of integrity management, to help enterprises once again shortlisted AL-Survey selection of China's top 50 construction adhesive brands. The face of all affirmations, the company will, as always, adhere to and continue to work hard.

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