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What are the advantages of anti-fungus ms sealant?


In modern life, people are paying more and more attention to “health”—healthy physical and mental health, healthy interpersonal relationships, a healthy living environment, and a healthy way to get along in nature...being healthy and becoming the source of peoples happy life.

What kind of living environment can be regarded as "healthy"? Maybe many people will think in mind: fresh indoor air quality, low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC), less harmful decoration materials, pollution, etc.; however, you may often overlook the fact that The little mold that grows quietly under your eyes and is blooming everywhere is becoming the number one killer of your sweet home.

The three elements of mold breeding: suitable temperature, moist environment, and nutrient source, especially in the humid and hot south, often become the hardest hit areas for mold growth. In the bedroom, living room, especially the wet areas like the kitchen and bathroom, it didn't take long time. There will be spotted moldy spots, contiguous lines, and long growth films. They will grow wildly, destroy the beauty of their homes, and become the source of the disease.

The variety of molds varies widely, but each of them can be your nightmare; then, how can we control molds and prevent the growth of mold from the source?

From the three elements, we can know that temperature and humidity are beyond our control. The only thing that can be done is to cut off the nutrient source and let the mold lose its breeding base. The main molds in the market today are: silicone sealant, MS sealant and tile epoxy grout, which is never known as mildew, then what exactly are their respective properties?

In fact, to judge the effectiveness of sealant anti-mildew good or bad? Mainly to see whether the colloid itself is suitable for mold breeding or resistance to mold erosion is not strong? At the same time, different structures will also seriously affect the mechanical properties of the sealant, let's make a comparison :


ItemSilicone SealantMS SealantTile Epoxy Grout
BasedsiliconeModified siliconeepoxy group
Nutrition sourceCan supply nutritionCan supply nutritionAcetic materials can not supply nutrition
Mechanical characteristicsElasticity, adapt to thermal expansion and contraction, colloids do not crackElasticity, adapt to thermal expansion and contraction, colloids do not crackRigid, not suitable for thermal expansion and contraction, colloids are more brittle, easily cracked or broken
DurabilityDurableDurableNot durable, surface wear
PollutionEasily precipitates small molecules and poses pollution to building materialsNot precipitates small molecules and not pollution to building materialsCracks affect appearance
Anti-mildew effect3 months -1 year6 - 8 years3 months -1 year


From the above table, we can see that: The durability of real-life tile epoxy grout that is not mildewed can not be satisfactory, and even brings a huge cost for the replacement of sealant in the later period, which is not worthwhile; and glass glue is easy to precipitate small molecules, preventing The fungicide is more prone to seep and lose its mildew-proof effect; it can not guarantee long-lasting anti-mildew; the three-dimensional network structure of MS glue can firmly lock out the anti-mould agent and bring about long-lasting anti-mildew and antibacterial effects.

At the same time: MS sealant's environmental performance far exceeds the glass (silicone) glue, more suitable for home decoration; KINGDELI ANTI-FUNGUS  MS SEALANT, passed the national building materials testing center certification, zero formaldehyde, zero toluene, no solvent, Non-toxic and tasteless, VOC release is 8 times lower than national standards.

KINGDELI ANTI-FUNGUS  MS SEALANT, as a pioneer, is committed to the research, development, production and promotion of MS SEALANT in China.

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