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What different between structural silicone sealant, sealant, weatherproof sealant?


As the name implies, the structural silicone sealant is simply used to bond objects under pressure for the structural bonding of silicone adhesive.

Sealant refers to lead with the cover shape deformation, difficult to flow, there is a certain degree of adhesion of the sealing material.

Weathering glue is in the sun (mainly UV), rain and other long time, the preservation of stable performance, color. In short, weather is the meaning of weather resistance, not afraid of the sun and the rain.

That know the structural adhesive, sealant, weathering adhesive probably meaning, the most important thing is to clearly understand where they apply, does not apply to where?

Neutral silicone structural adhesive

Neutral silicone structural adhesive application area:

1,.for the glass curtain wall between the metal and glass structure / non-structural bonding assembly.

2,.Silicone structural adhesive The glass can be directly connected to the surface of the metal components to form a single assembly, to meet the full hidden or semi-hidden frame curtain wall design requirements.

3,.insulating glass structural adhesive seal. Does not apply to substrates over 40 degrees Celsius.


Neutral weathering adhesive

Neutral weathering adhesive application area:

1.a variety of curtain wall weather seal.

2. metal, glass, aluminum, ceramic tile, plexiglass, coated glass between the seams.

3. concrete, cement, masonry, rock, marble, steel, wood, anodized aluminum painted aluminum surface seam seal. In most cases no primer is required.

4. Neutral weathering adhesive is not suitable for structural glass assembly. Substrate temperatures below 4 degrees Celsius and above 40 degrees Celsius are not suitable for construction.

Sometimes we think that the weathering adhesive tear strength is not smaller than the structural adhesive, some people may use the weathering adhesive as a structural adhesive. This is wrong, because the structure of plastic handle high strength, but also must meet the large and durable cohesion, the attenuation value is very stable, sufficient displacement capacity of a total of four requirements.

Neutral sealant

Neutral sealant use:

1. all kinds of doors and windows installation

2. all kinds of glass construction project caulking seal

3. selective use. Neutral sealant does not apply to the surface of the substrate temperature below 4 degrees Celsius and higher than 40 degrees Celsius.

Some people may ask the air with a large amount of acid, sealant affect it? Well, the air contains a large amount of acid, the sealant is affected, but the performance of the acid itself is better than most of the organic gel.


A variety of silicone glass glue will be subject to the following restrictions:

1. Total water immersion, frosty or moist surface;

2. do not exudes the grease, plasticizer or solvent material compatibility.

3. Its can not be bonded on frosting or wet surface .

4. Its can not be cured when completely sealed.

5. The substrate surface should be clean or not bonded.

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