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When is the end of booming price of silicone glue in China



Recently, many customers asked: what happen to China? The price of silicone sealant rise 30% since September. Chinese government limited the high pollution manufacturer at the beginning of 2017. Many unqualified raw materials factories are closed. In addition, some large scale factories reduce the production in order to reduce pollution. These lead to shortage of raw materials for sealant and adhesive manufacturers.


Its seen to become better in November. A new large scale silicone raw materials factories will begin production in the middle of November. More machines will run in this month. Its predict that the stock of silicone will rise in the near future. In addition, Winter is a slack season of building materials in China. Based on a research, 90% silicone terminal manufacturers and wholesales are believe that the price will be down in November. They purchase less since October.


Considering these factors, its believe that the price of silicone glue will be down slowly. However, its difficult to come back to the rate in last year.


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